Become Your Own Bank

Eugene Marshall
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Building wealth through life insurance policies is the easiest way to invest in building an ever lasting legacy.  Many people do not know they can leverage life insurance policies while they are alive to generate cashflow, millions in retirement and ultimately pass down wealth. After years of researching life insurance polices and obtaining a few polices of my own I have outlined a step by step guide to help you amplify your income while also partnering with a bank !

You will get videos covering the following:

  • The benefits of life insurance
  • The difference types of life insurance
  • How banks leverage life insurance
  • How the banking system work
  • How to receive an additional $3,000,000 in retirement
  • Advanced strategies for obtaining a 3 for 1 match on your contributions leveraging a bank
  • Real examples from a policy executed

Bonus material you will receive!

  • The ability to schedule a fully refundable consultation with me
  • 5 Free Webinar Codes (Sent Via Email)

Leveraging life insurance policies has allowed me to grow and scale my business and achieve my goals faster than I ever anticipated, and I want to empower you with the tools to do the same!

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Become Your Own Bank

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